Impacting companies

of the future to revolutionize

today’s industry standards
Impacting companies

of the future to revolutionize

today’s industry standards
Impacting companies

of the future to revolutionize

today’s industry standards


A private VC investment initiative that invest in early stage technology companies to promote the development of emerging economies in LATAM and the Caribbean. ocusing in Fintech, Logistics Tech, Sales SaaS and Gaming industries. Promoting diversity with growth and evolution of the VC ecosystem in the region.


Increasing internet access due to smartphone penetration to LAC has created a great opportunity for e-commerce businesses. This requires a boost in the amount of people having access to bank accounts. Around 70% of them do not have a bank account. Providing ways to accept payments and in multiple currencies add another level of complexity, startups that address this in the foreseeable future will be an attractive investment opportunity.

Digital content

WorldWide there is a high demand for digital content that varies from light and casual to hardcore experiences. Startups in LAC that center on becoming powerhouses of content creation for multiple distribution channels like Games, TV, Education and life sciences bring a versatile opportunity for studios and publishers WorldWide due to local talent and affordable costs. This sector is ever growing and it could be one of the most efficient ways to bridge the economic gap in LAC.


Boosting small business productivity; more than 90% of companies fall into small and medium sizes. There is a clear need to formalize those companies to enable the region's economies to scale and grow sustainable over time. Allowing small and medium size companies to focus on their core business rather than back office operations, provides them with a substantial positive margin of probability to actually scale the business in record time and with robust foundations.

Logistics Tech

Logistics across LAC due to their not-unified approach is a challenge for the substantial growth of e-commerce and cross border business development. Working hand on hand with the local governments to promote the formalization of many channels used today for logistics that are not part of the contributing ecosystems. This will generate employment opportunities and economic growth.

General Partners

Co-founder KUATRO Investment bank. Expert in startup valuation, corporate finance and project structuring impacting LATAM and the Caribbean. Listed in Top Women Investing in Latin America Tech by LAVCA, Entrepreneur and Gender Diversity in Innovation Speaker.

Angel Investor with extensive experience in technological development. Successful sale of two tech-based companies. Board Member of 3 Innovative Startups.


Co-founder KUATRO Investment bank. Expert in startup valuation, corporate finance, project structuring and fundraising.

Co-Founder Bedoya & Visbal firm law. Expert in Intellectual Property and Law Media and entertainment, Digital content, entertainment Interactive and Commercial Law

Lawyer Expert in Tax Law with extensive knowledge in International Tax Law, Customs, Corporate and Information Technology and New Technologies. Experience in international tax planning, foreign investment to and from Colombia, exchange regime, among others.

Expert in structuring projects, process analysis bidding, management of public and real works contracts estate finance.

Co-Founder Bedoya & Visbal firm law. Expert in Corporate Law and Commercial Law. Wide experience advising Startups technology-based in the legal framework

Co-founder Mentes a la Carta - Subasta en Vivo - La Revolución Blanda. Co-author of the book El Secreto de la Innovación. Experience designing and implementing innovation projects in more than 80 companies from multiple sectors. Training in innovation and soft skills for more than 100 work teams

Author of 3 strategy books: El Secreto de la Innovación - ¿Cuánto vale tu pescado? - La Estrategia del Delfín. Recognized international speaker and founder of Mentes a la Carta. Expert designing innovative strategies, tactics sales and negotiation, and skill development soft on human talent

Key areas for value creation

Innovation & Strategic

• Designig innovation, strategies of Sales and negotiations tactics
• Soft skills development
• Mentes a la Carta: Over 3000 registered subjects of the matter experts that contribute sharing experiencies and knowledge of their respective sectors

Leadership aptitudes

• ADN Emocional (Emotional DNA): Genetic analytical tool that provides an overview of the founding and leading teams how they can work more efficiently while complementing each other towards a common goal

Financial & Legal

• Over 10 years of private investment banking
• Startup Valuation models designed in-house (K Factor)
• Structuring investment rounds and fund raising for Startups
• Tributary Law
• IP Law
• Corporate Law


• Architectural foresight for scalability upon design
• Over 15 years designing, deploying and operating high concurrency
• ≥600’000 users WorldWide platforms